Information about Civil Defense

As you know that china and Pakistan have attacked on our country in the much past years. The reasons which caused these attacks still exit, therefore a doubt about another attack in near future cannot be overruled, hence inhabitants of our country should remain cautious about this and should be well prepared ever.
Our Defence force and Border police personnel’s safeguard our country by facing enemies in war areas, but if they do not get full support from the citizens of our country then their morale may go down and it shall not be possible for them to fight for long duration. A form of such subjected preparation is known as Civil Defence. Thus, this is   Second-Line of Defence and due to this cause, its preparedness is mandatory in emergency situation.

Origin :-
The origin of Civil Defence was generated by an organization named for the safety of life and property/ assets of civil population during 2nd world war occurred during 1939 to 1945 and for maintaining the continuity of productive and economical activities in the country.  This organization has had given important contribution in interned security of the country during second world war. After the closure of war in 1995, this organization was accorded with much strengthening by evaluating importance of its utility by observing devotion, diligence/ hard work and selfless/ impartial service of this organization.
The importance of concept of Civil Defence was increasing day-by-day in the country and after Indo-China conflict during October 1962, this organization obtained much more importance, as a result of which, the post of Director General Civil Defence has been created on 14 November 1962. The chief aim of Civil Defence is to safeguard the lives and production capacity of the country. Until the declaration of Emergency in the country in 1962, the citizens of the country were motivated to work with selfness/ impartial feeling by making them more aware and cautious towards utility of Civil defence and public safety scheme for major cities/ towns of Union Territories and to status of Civil Defence policies of Govt. Of India.

After the conflict with China in 1962 and Indo-Pak conflict in 1965, the policy, Area and leadership of Civil Defence were reconsidered and it was presumed to bring a law in this context. Lastly, Civil Defence law was enacted in parliament on 28 may 1968. The country was under hostile aggression with Pakistan in December 1971. This organization was implementing cleverness and war strategy planning of the said aggression. Presently, the activities of Civil defence exit in 225 cities/ Towns of 35 Sates/ Union Territories’       
Introduction of Civil Defence :- 
Civil Defence is such a defence, which works, with the help of Civil Administration, for the people, by the people, for maintaining the moral of people and keeps on maintaining the production capability, by minimizing air attack of enemy or natural calamities and their impact. This act is known as Civil defence.

Civil Defence Act was emended on 30-09-2009 and the word enemy’s attack or aggression was replaced with the Word Disaster.