Fire & Emergency Services

The Establishment of fire and emergency services in Chhattisgarh :

Chhattisgarh is one of the fast developing state of the country in both economic and industrial growth. Since more than last one decade, there has been rapid development in the field of Industrial area specifically in the field of mines and mineral Industrialization. As a result of policies of Industrial enhancement/growth, there is possibility of rapid development in other manufacturing areas in near future. Due to provision of favourable circumstances in the state, there is a possibility for Chhattisgarh state to grow as Industrial hub in forthcoming period.

The state is rapidly growing towards urbanization. Raipur, Naya Raipur, Durg , Bhilai and Bilaspur are developing as chief urban centre. The population of cities of the state has increased much and it is likely to enhance much further in the forthcoming decades, Resultantly, These cities have witnessed themselves much rapid development and progress in commercial and residential activities. The development clearly resembles in construction and facilities and amenities. and characteristics of these cities and towns are changing in each decade.

Along with this panorama, there has been gradual/progressive increase in fire cases and loss of properties and sometimes in human loss incidents, Due to Industrial and urbanization both the reason, there is strong probability of enhancement of such incidents in near future. to cope-up with such fire and emergency oriented incidents, the state Govt. has constituted/ established fire and Emergency service under Home Guard in the year 2016.